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Collaborating with like-minded, passionate artists is always exhilarating, and Bryan ticks every box. He gets it. His effort to understand my vision, and his ability to create a cinematic experience based off of that, made our collaboration a seamless ride. I could lower my shoulders and focus on my end, knowing that Bryan would deliver the top notch goods.

Dan Braga
Award-winning motion graphics artist and Director

I've never worked with someone so meticulous and poised in both his timing and his art. When I needed something done, he had it ready. However the work he presented me was not some hurried, generic excuse. What he gave me was an amagamation of his passion, love, respect, and total comprehension of his craft. I was thoroughly satisfied with Mr. Barcinas. 

Peter Dang

When I think of the words "hard-working", Bryan comes to mind. Bryan is a fantastic composer that I've had the pleasure of working with on multiple occasions. His great talent in composing gets me excited every time I work with him. His passion in music can make a work come to life, and I truly believe that Bryan would be a great choice to work on any project.

Brian Lee Thompson