Recording The Journey Score

It’s always interesting when you take on a project that becomes more personal the more time you spend with it.

Earlier this year I scored an animation short, “The Journey”, directed & animated by my friend Chi-ling Chu. I was drawn to this project immediately after watching the first rough cut because it surprised me in a way I didn’t think possible: It revealed to me how much I hadn’t thought about my own connection to my Asian lineage and it made me curious about my grandparents and all of their untold stories of my ancestors. 

After weeks of sleepless nights toiling away at finding a musical theme that felt honest for me, and with the help of a 63-piece Budapest Scoring Orchestra, great soloists, an amazing sound editor, a tech assistant, an engineer, and a wonderful director, we managed to all work together to help tell this story that I would now like to share with you all. 

Please enjoy the behind-the-scenes video of the session, and if you’re interested, you can watch it here!

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