Recording at the Synchron Stage in Vienna

6 months ago, I wrote on a few pieces of paper: “GET TO THE SYNCHRON STAGE in Vienna and study with Conrad Pope and Nan Schwartz” and I taped it on my door. After months of working towards this goal, it finally happened! This past weekend I conducted a piece that I wrote in Vienna with a fantastic orchestra at the Synchron Stage as part of the Hollywood Music Workshop 2019. 

With concertmaster Dimitrie Leivici at the helm of the orchestra, legendary orchestrator Conrad Pope in the booth advising, composer Joe Kramer giving notes, engineer Frankie Chinasky tracking the session, and the whole staff and students of HMW providing emotional support. It was truly an amazing moment. 

But did you know what I enjoyed most?! It was listening to the other composers’ (and my fellow colleagues‘) works! Music in different styles coming from all over the world. Man, what a true joy it was to learn from you all! 

And to the staff of HMW, thank you so much for such an amazing opportunity. It was my first time abroad and though it was terrifying at first, i’m already ITCHING to come back and record some more!! 

Now back to LA to score some more exciting projects ahead!! Music and video coming soon!

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