Recording brass at Elbo Studios!

Recently had the great opportunity to record brass for a composition/song I wrote for a corporate commercial in London at the renowned Elbo Studios, where scores for movies like Black Panther, The Greatest Showman, and television shows like Game of Thrones have been recorded and mixed.

With a 6-piece brass horn section, a drummer, a bassist, and an incredibly talented singer, we managed to track and record an entire song in about 3 hours of session time! Not only was the studio immaculately designed in its acoustics – it was incredibly professional in its layout and technology. From the control room, we were able to easily relay instructions to the horn players as well as the bassist and the drummer, who were both in separate isolation booths! This made things so much easier in regards to making adjustments to the arrangement on the fly!

I’d also love to give credit to the legendary engineer John Witt Chapman who was the recording engineer that made the recording process very smooth! Both the studio and the engineer were both very versatile with recording larger sounds like the horn section, and more intimate sounds like vocals! I was immensely impressed. After just one session there, I vow to return many, many more times! I’ll be uploading the final recording with behind the scenes footage in a couple of weeks – stay tuned!

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